Yasha Battle-Beast

Bloodthirsty Priestess


“This hulking hyenafolk might once have been a fearsome warrior, in her day, but age has caught up with her. Her tawny fur has gone gray, the skin of her face is lined with wrinkles and there’s a slow consideration to her movements. She is dressed in the raiment of a Chimeran priestess, all her trappings shaped from bones, skin and even the dessicated organs of opponents she’s defeated. What’s more frightening about her, however, is that vicious gleam in her eyes; the one that suggests she views you more as a meal than a mate.”


An elderly hyenafolk priestess, Yasha Battle-Beast is something of a fanatic, subscribing to the hard-held beliefs of her patron Hyenahead – that all faithful should be reavers, sweeping the seas for sweet prizes and devouring their enemies. She’s exceptionally persuasive, capable of swaying especially Chimeran opinion to her cause and inspiring their confidence in her. For years, she traveled from pirate ship to pirate ship, converting the faithful to her cause, before eventually joining the crew of the Hammerhead.

She sailed the the crew of the Hammerhead – and eventually the Dragon Turtle – for several months, ingratiating herself among the crew, providing help and healing. Many of the Chimerans sought her as a spiritual advisor, taking refuge in her bloodthirsty doctrine. Making friends with Korbin, the two would occasionally butt heads over theology. During both elections of quartermaster, Yasha threw in her name, to little success. She continued to clash with the ship’s dragonborn and especially Sister Mallet over religious differences.

When Sister Mallet was discovered murdered, the ship’s officers quickly deduced it was Brasshorn, a Chimeran on Yasha’s orders, who had her killed. She’s taken a liking to Nasira, however, when the dragonborn quartermaster sided with Brasshorn in Sister Mallet’s murder. It’s strongly implied that Yasha is one of the players behind the recent challenge to Inio’s captaincy.

Race: Hyenafolk
Age: 53
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: Gray
Eyes: White

First Appearance: Episode 25 – Into the Ying Wei Sea
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 70 – Pistols, Then Swords

Yasha Battle-Beast

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