Yu Lan-Ying

Maiden's Bartender, Total Hipster


“She’s surprisingly fashionable, for the bartender aboard a pirate ship. This elf is dressed in a cunning blend of elven and piratical attire, a combination that’s somewhat striking to the eye at first but blends together remarkably well. Slender and attractive, the young elven woman couldn’t seem to care less about you, however, too busy polishing her signature accessory – the completely unnecessary monocle that rests in her one eye. As you approach to order your drink, she sighs heavily and doesn’t attempt to conceal her rolled eyes or general disdain at having to be bothered to perform her job.”


Originally the bartender at The Cave Inn in Barnacle, Yu was hired on a lark to supply Hakari’s tavern he was constructing in the Kruthik’s lower decks. Sassy and sarcastic, Yu quickly became a fixture aboard the vessel, offering her withering commentary on any event that transpired near her tavern. More than once, however, she’s been instrumental in the ship’s affairs, including when she helped identify Pimas, the saboteur aboard the Hammerhead. During the battle against the Courageous, the bartender lost a pair of fingers in the fighting.

After dancing around the issue for some time, Yu and Hakari recently got drunk on plum wine and started sleeping together. When she’s not working, she spends most of her time in Hakari’s “loveboat” – one of the Dragon Turtle’s dinghies that he’s commandeered for the slovenly purposes.

Race: Elf
Age: 26
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Episode 11 – Avast!
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 70 – Pistols, Then Swords

Yu Lan-Ying

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