Seventeen Seas

Episode 58 - Marooned or Shot

A Murder Aboard

Game Date: Clockways 93 – 95, Year 75
Starting Point: Ilisan Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

When next the sun set, all the crew gathered in the extradimensional tavern to avoid the same fate that befell their comrades and their captain. Their acting captain, Captain Korbin, conducted an experiment – leaving a chicken on the topdeck, to see if the burning tower would abduct it too. Meanwhile, with the help of two dragonborn crew, Nasira stealthily disposed of Sister Mallet’s body and swore the pair to secrecy, suspecting that Big Barak was responsible for the murder.


However, when Sister Mallet did not report for her duties, Nasira was unable to convince her comrades that the unpopular dwarven priestess simply disappeared. Confessing that she’d found her dead and dumped the body, the officers debated what to do. It was paramount for them to find the true killer and Hakari set about that task, with Massak’s help. Nasira, having examined the crime scene, explained that Mallet was likely surprised in her hammock and strangled from behind by someone stronger – an orc or an oxenfolk, she supposed. Meanwhile, Korbin – against the officer’s wishes – debated the best means to retrieve Mallet’s body.

Acting on his own, Korbin sought aid from Mother Monster – specifically Tigerhead – to retrieve Mallet’s body, in exchange for an undisclosed favor. In his investigation, Hakari turned up evidence to implicate Yasha Battle-Beast in the murder. This was corroborated by the resurrected Sister Mallet, retrieved by Tigerhead, who claimed that the person who strangled her had hooves, most likely fingering an oxenfolk and one of Yasha’s heavies. This enraged Nasira, however, who believed that Sister Mallet should have stayed dead. She next went to Yasha Battle-Beast and threw her support behind the hyenafolk priestess, attempting to marshall allies against Korbin.

When confronted, Brasshorn – clearly on Yasha’s orders – confessed to the deed and was sentenced to a trial.

During the trial, Nasira, Yasha, Korbin and Hakari all gave speeches. Nasira rallied the crew, asserting that Brasshorn need not be killed, particularly when Sister Mallet was so despised amongst the crew. Korbin argued for the sake of the articles, stating that if they’re violated one more time, they mean nothing. Yasha argued for new articles, ones that would allow the culling of weaklings. Hakari proposed a trial-by-combat, wherein Brasshorn would battle a champion to determine her guilt or innocence.



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