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  • Episode 40 - Early in the Morning

    *Game Date:* Widderways 17 – 28, Year 75 *Starting Point:* [[Shao Han Sea | Shao Han Sea]] *Player Characters Present:* [[:cecily | Bō (Cecily)]], [[:hakari | Hakari]], [[:corbin-quill | Korbin "Pennyfeather" Quill]], [[:weed | Weed]] Dark shapes …

  • Clemestine Sea

    The *Clemestine Sea* is one of the Seventeen Seas, located to the immediate southwest. Heavily colonized, the Clemestine Sea is the unofficial capital of the Colonial Empire.

    Notable Islands

    * ad-Sadid * The Cornerstones (archipelago) * …

  • New Colonia

    The unofficial capital of the Colonial Empire, *New Colonia* is home to 8 million people and counting, all crammed into one extremely crowded metropolis, where poverty and vagrancy are commonplace. *Size:* Metropolis *Population:* 8,347,000 * …