Tag: Island


  • Cape Celesta

    *Cape Celesta* is a village (pop. 835) in the [[Sea of Rapture | Sea of Rapture]]. Constructed inside the crater of a submerged volcano, Cape Celesta has transformed, over the course of three decades, from a budding naval stronghold to a licentious pirate …

  • Candleclimb

    *Candleclimb* is a deserted island in the [[Dakanpur Sea | Dakanpur Sea]]. Once the abode of a powerful wizard, Hushumei, of the Eight Pedals, all that remains of note on Candleclimb is an old abandoned lighthouse.

  • Ankledeep

    *Ankledeep* is a small town (pop. 1,832) in the [[Dreadhowl Sea]]. Constructed between three rocky islands, Ankledeep is a lawless pirate port, known for its bizarrely rising tides that periodically flood the city. [[File:524845 | class=media-item- …

  • Loamhead

    *Loamhead* is a medium-sized island in the [[Vindharna Sea]]. Thought to be uninhabited, Loamhead is a swampy region, populated only by frogs, snapping turtles and cormorants.


    * In a bog at the center of the island lives Big Barcario, …

  • Saint Alincia

    *St. Alincia* is a medium-sized island in the [[Vindharna Sea]]. Named for the [[Manyfold Faith | patron saint of rudeness]], St. Alincia is a small and unimportant Colonial port that serves as the eastern border for the Vindharna Sea.

  • Malbara

    *Malbara* is a small island in the Taltoc Sea. Known for its soaring cliffs and rugged wilderness, Malbara is thought to be abandoned but is, according to legend, the site of a hidden pirate port, called Nine Pools, located somewhere inland of the rocky …

  • Vatino

    *Vatino* is an island in the [[Bao Chen Sea | Bao Chen Sea]]. Once a humble Colonial colony, the utter lack of trade quickly starved the place and, within six years of its founding, Vatino was utterly abandoned. Today, it's a curiosity, occasionally used …

  • Yao

    *Yao* is an elven port in the [[Shao Han Sea | Shao Han Sea]]. One of the oldest elven civilizations in existence, Yao remains largely secretive, as few to zero outsiders have ever set food upon its pristine soil.

  • Leviathan Rest

    *Leviathan Rest* is an island in the western [[Shamala Sea | Shamala Sea]]. Mainly uninhabited jungle, Leviathan Rest gets its name from the hundreds of sea monster skeletons that litter its beaches. What drives the creature to come here and die, none …