Tag: Landmass


  • Tarand Wash

    *Tarand Wash* is a small landmass in the [[Vindharna Sea]]. Named for the rushing river that bisects the landmass, Tarand Wash is a vibrant Colonial port and the northern most border of the Vindharna Sea.

  • Vin

    *Vin* is a large landmass and the namesake of the [[Vindharna Sea]]. A small subcontinent, Vin is home to teeming jungles, ancient temples and the birthplace of the tigerfolk. Dharna, the southernmost City of the Chimera, is located on its eastern shores. …

  • Highpledge

    *Highpledge* is a large landmass in the [[Taltoc Sea | Taltoc Sea]]. Dominated by a mountain range, Highpledge is the Colonial capital of the region, home to a city constructed in those peaks that shares the same name.

  • New Colonia

    The unofficial capital of the Colonial Empire, *New Colonia* is home to 8 million people and counting, all crammed into one extremely crowded metropolis, where poverty and vagrancy are commonplace. *Size:* Metropolis *Population:* 8,347,000 * …

  • Compromise

    *Compromise* is a landmass in the [[Shao Han Sea | Shao Han Sea]]. Controlled jointly by the Khalothrai Dragonate and the Three Elven Kingdoms, Compromise is a hub of trade and commerce between the two world powers, its ports possibly the richest in all …