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  • Cape Celesta

    *Cape Celesta* is a village (pop. 835) in the [[Sea of Rapture | Sea of Rapture]]. Constructed inside the crater of a submerged volcano, Cape Celesta has transformed, over the course of three decades, from a budding naval stronghold to a licentious pirate …

  • Sea of Rapture

    The *Sea of Rapture* is one of the Seventeen Seas, located directly south of the [[Windwaste]].

    Notable Islands

    * The Afternoon Islands (archipelago) * [[Cape Celesta | Cape Celesta]] * Fallowfield * Kowaikanai Falls * The Orkmonts ( …

  • The Shrines

    The *Shrines* are an archipelago of fifteen islands in the [[Sea of Rapture | Sea of Rapture]]. Wet, moist and misty islands, they're small and politically unimportant, boasting only unimportant fishing villages. Named for the single shrine that adorns …