Dead Makalo

Dead Makalo is an ancient merfolk ruin in the Excelsior Sea. Once the thriving capital of the merfolk nation of Iolanakonali, some catastrophe befell the ancient city – merfolk legend claims this to be a demon – and drove the populace out. Now, the reef city has become a haunted ruin and there is a distinct pattern of ill fates meeting any ship that sails over Makalo. During the Continental Age, one such ship – the Majestic – sank while bearing its monarch across the accursed patch of ocean.


In First Widderways, Year 75, Shipbreaker tasked our swashbuckling heroes to venture to Dead Makalo and recover an artifact – the Golden Wheel – from the wreck of the Majestic. In exchange, the kraken would repair and upgrade the Yasmaridd. To help accomplish their goal, Shipbreaker provided them a submersible apparatus for the task. ( Episode 41)

Upon approaching the sunken city, the apparatus traversed the ruined reefs and neighborhoods, haunted with undead merfolk. Once they reached the palace, our swashbuckling heroes were forced to abandon the submersible and continue on foot, where they encountered shockstone, coral golems and eventually a massive electric serpent, guarding the sunken wreck of the Majestic. ( Episode 42)

Dead Makalo

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