The Congress of Corsairs (more commonly known simply as the Sistren) is a republic of pirates that governs much of the freebooting activities in the southern seas. Headquartered in the mythic Port Pillage, the Corsair’s Congress was founded in Year 16 by the three legendary pirate captains – all women – who defended Ankeldeep against Princess Qiva’s Armada three years earlier.

While the Congress is alive and well these days, the founding Sistren are scattered. Captain Ilisa the Iron Maiden has perished. Dohanna has retired to the Shipwreck Throne in Kot Cafar. Only Corgaine remains, still active in the Congress today.


There are three primary duties for members of the Congress and three primary benefits for joining.

A Captain of the Congress must:

  • Submit one share of each prize taken to the Congress.
  • Answer a universal summons.
  • Refrain from attacking or harassing other Congressional members at sea.

A Captain of the Congress may:

  • Have an equal voice in the affairs of any Congressional port they’re anchored at.
  • Fly the Congressional Colors, earning fear and respect wherever they sail.
  • Demand a standard rate for exchanged plunder in any Congressional port.

Founding Members

Current Members

  • Captain Bo of the War Wound (male elf)
  • Captain Borothea the Braggart of the Adventure (female halfling)
  • Captain Brak Bones of the Typhoon (male sahuagin)
  • Captain Corgaine the Clever/Cleaver of the Nymph (female half-elf)
  • Captain Cutlass of the Basilisk (genderless sentient sword)
  • Captain Doomsayer of the Sirocco (female toadfolk)
  • Captain Drustan of the Kindred Spirit (male hadozee)

Congressional Ports


Whenever a Captain’s Council is summoned, a matter is debated amongst all the Captains present and, when the time comes, each captain returns to their ship and flies a particular flag – red for yay and black for nay – to vote on the individual issue. While symbolic, the system has been cheated before, crews “accidentally” flying the incorrect flag and the like.

At the moment, the Congress is embroiled in a conflict considering the Colonial Crown. In their efforts to overcome the elven crisis, Queen Miera Most Wise has sent an envoy to Port Pillage, offering terms to the Congress, offering a special bounty on any elven ships plundered, particularly those shipping food. This is a contentious issue among the corsairs, some voting to make this alliance, while others voting to reject it out of hand.


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