Mother Monster

Mother Monster (also known simply as the Chimera) is the many-headed patron deity of the Chimerans. Worshipped across all ten of the Cities of the Chimera, Mother Monster shares some traits of a polytheistic deity, with a separate aspect for each sect of her worshippers.


  • Ravenhead: Most sacred to the crowfolk is Ravenhead, the aspect of Mother Monster that appeals to their long lost heritage. An aspect of sagacity and knowledge and erudition, those who venerate Ravenhead value knowledge, lore and education above all. Priests who venerate Ravenhead sacrifice anything with feathers to their deity. Domain: Knowledge.
  • Toadhead: Most sacred to the toadfolk is Toadhead, the aspect of Mother Monster that appeals to their strange and pitiless outlook. An aspect of entropy and hopelessness, those who venerate Toadhead believe all the world will sink beneath the ocean, like the bygone continent and their home city of Zamesh, and therefore all ambition is meaningless and doomed to failure. Priests who venerate Toadhead sacrifice anything amphibious to their deity.


According to ancient Chimeran legends, the beastfolk were once one people, a great and powerful empire, that grew so great and imperious, they spurned the blessings of their goddess and, in punishment, were scattered and divided into a dozen different peoples, all with different bestial aspects. To reflect this, Mother Monster sprouted many heads, each one to represent one of her farflung children.


Priests of the Chimera practice rites that some on the Seventeen Seas might describe as barbaric, involving animal sacrifice. Depending on which head is worshipped, an appropriate animal must be sacrificed on the sacred day that pertains to their aspect. These minor ceremonies ensure a place in the afterlife for the priest and all who attend and venerate at the totem of worship.

Mother Monster

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