Palmsport is a village (pop. 780) in the Statue Islands in the Vindharna Sea. A landward trading post for the merfolk Kingdom of Mokuwawahikiko, Palmsport is a partially-flooded merfolk-friendly port, constructed in the gargantuan hand of a massive toppled monkeyfolk statue.

Size: Village
Population: 780
Demographics: Mixed (60% merfolk, 15% Chimeran, 5% dwarf, 5% halfling, 5% human, 2% elf, 2% dragonborn, 2% tiefling, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 2% other)
Authority Figure: King Mokuwawahikiko (ruler of merfolk nation, doesn’t meddle in affairs of port)
Districts: The Fingers, Palm Street, Thumb Street, The Well


Located amid the Statue Islands, Palmsport is the only settlement of any size among the largely uninhabited archipelago. To the southeast lies the island of Vin, home to Dharna and its tigerfolk bureaucrats. To the northeast lie the Gnashclaws and far to the northwest is St. Alinicia, far on the opposite side of the gyre. In addition, Palmsport serves as the unofficial capital of the merfolk kingdom below, its access point to the surface dwellers.

Notable districts of Palmsport include:

  • The Fingers: Connected to the island’s mainland by a number of rope bridges, the four Fingers contain small clusters of buildings and shops, catering to very particular specialties and customers. The Second Hand is located here.
  • Palm Street: The main thoroughfare of Palmsport, Palm Street is where the vast majority of all commerce and activity occurs, encircling the Well as it does.
  • Thumb Street: Filled with taverns and inns, Thumb Street is the rowdiest of the four districts, the streets lousy with drunken merfolk, carousing all night and all day. Professor Krillkator’s residence is located here.
  • The Well: Its beach full of reclining merfolk, the Well is the underwater residential district, extending a mile or so downward, into the statue’s hollowed out arm.


While ostensibly a part of the Kingdom of Mokuwawahikiko, ancient law dictates that the merfolk state does not enforce its laws above the surface of the water. This makes Palmsport an effectively lawless harbor, where all manner of trades and deals can be done without the unfriendly taxation of the Colonial or Chimeran powers. As such, it’s an especial thorn in Dharna’s side but not quite one they’re willing to confront the merfolk about. Were the place to become a pirate haven, that would necessitate a Colonial reaction and, as such, the port is a little unfriendly to open piratical influence.


After escaping the Shriek in a dinghy, the heroes drifted into harbor at Palmsport, with the help of a local merfolk, and began to plan their futures in its dockside taverns. Here, they persuaded Prince Tuakoniakamai to fund their expedition to recover Inio’s spyglass. ( Episode 3 5)


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