The Shriek

The Shriek is a three-masted caravel, of bizarre design, notable for its black sails. A legend among the buccaneers and mariners of the Seventeen Seas, it’s said the Shriek is a ghost ship. Some say it is crewed by the damned, others that it ferries away the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Its true intent, purpose or origins wholly unknown, the Shriek is nonetheless a real ship, responsible for sacking ports and unsuspecting ships all across the Seventeen Seas.


Crewed entirely by undead sailors, the Shriek sails the Seventeen Seas on some unknown purpose, only visible after nightfall. Powerful spells of necromancy, scribbled across every square surface of the ship, allow the ship to phase into the Ethereal Plane when the sun rises. Most of the crew are mindless automatons, obeying only direct orders, but the higher officers – the Captain, the First Mate and the Second Mate – are more autonomous.

In the ship’s lowest decks, the undead crew keeps many preserved corpses of men, women and children, to sate the undead’s hunger.

When defeated in battle, the Shriek does not sink like an earthly ship. Instead, she disappears in a cloud of black smoke, dissipating on the wind.

The Shriek

Ship Type: Caravel (3 Masts)
Captain: The Captain (male human, undead)
Crew: 60
Notable Members: First Mate (male human, undead), Second Mate (male mantisfolk, undead)
Cannon: 30
Affiliation: ?
Status: Active


Shipwrecked on Axebeak Island, the Shriek was the first ship to happen upon the wreck of the Hurricane. Originally eager to wave the caravel in to rescue them, the sight of her undead crew froze the blood of the Hurricane’s survivors. After some awkwardness on the beach, the survivors agreed to join the crew and, once aboard, made the acquaintance of First Mate and the mysterious Captain. Upon discovering the hold full of preserved corpses, the heroes attempted to devise some means of escape and, quite accidentally, ignited a cannon in the lower gundeck. In their scrambling – and ultimately successful – attempt to escape, the heroes also managed to blast a hole through the bottom of their ship with divine magic before commandeering a dinghy and rowing to freedom. ( Episode 1 Episode 3)

Many weeks later, the Shriek reappeared – in Port Pillage, of all places. Laying waste to everything in sight, the ghost ship sent its undead soldiers to shore, to abduct a spellsail from Stashside, while the nearby corsairs rallied to the city’s defense. The Shriek was eventually destroyed, dissipated into black smoke, but its purpose remains mysterious. ( Episode 17)

The next time the Shriek appeared, it came to the rescue of our swashbuckling heroes. While the Hammerhead was locked into mortal combat with the Leviathan, the Shriek arrived on the scene and attacked the beast with some manner of magical ballistae. Engaging the enormous creature in combat, the ghost ship somehow emerged victorious while the Hammerhead made their escape. Too curious about the Shriek’s real purpose, the pirates slunk back to the creature’s corpse and discovered, much to their horror, that the Leviathan was being raised from the dead. Making off with some documents from the Captain’s desk, they fled back to the Hammerhead, unsure what to make of this new omen. ( Episode 35)

The Shriek

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