Vorgheim is a frost giant hall north of the Shamala Sea. A vast pillar of ice, rising hundreds of feet off the ocean surface, Vorgheim is home to some hundred frost giants, some thousand orcish slaves and a dozen or more war-burgs.

The current Jarl of Vorgheim is Jarl Balvorg, a cunning frost giantess who has expertly navigated the political landscape of the various frost giant jarls. Her husband, Hrodbovi, is a fierce and tempestuous warrior, and her current rival is Jarl Dagmarandi, the neighboring jarl from Dagmarheim.


Accompanied by Vjergblin, our swashbuckling heroes paid Jarl Balvorg a visit, to pass along news of the Shriek, the Leviathan and to offer their services in rescuing her captive daughter from the clutches of Far Thanaz. They did battle with a berserker, attempted to free some orcish slaves and made a bargain with the jarl. ( Episode 48)

Upon returning to Vorgheim with the insensate Ylva, our heroes avoided a political scandal by performing a resurrection ritual that brought Ylva back from the jaws of undeath. This done, they became great allies of the frost giants, earning an orlof and a potential audience with the Jarlfather. ( Episode 52)


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